The Painted Rocks Native American Pictographs
Said to be the largest Native American site in the USA. We welcome you to take a guided tour.

About the pictographs

Located just north of the Concho River and the small town of Paint Rock is a limestone cliff seventy feet high is a tremendous display of native american history. The site hosts over 1,500 pictographs in a variety of colors that include animal, human figures, geometrics, and hand prints. A rough date places the earliest pictographs around a thousand years old but, as the site was used repeatedly over the millennium.

Schedule a Tour

We are currently accepting guided tours on Saturdays at 10am CST. To schedule a guided tour, please call Kay Campbell at 325-732-4376.

You can also message us on our Facebook page.

Please come prepared to be in the rugged outdoors for ~ 1 hour. Wear proper attire and shoes for a light hike. You may also want bug spray.

Upon completing your reservation we will provide directions.


$20 for 3 adults (after that $6 per adult and $3 per child)
Minumum $15 charge


Phone:  325-732-4376.

Message us on our Facebook page.

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 186
Paint Rock, TX 76866